Price list

Below you will find the prices of selected procedures. These prices are indicative and may differ from the final prices – detailed information is provided during consultations, after a thorough examination. 

For detailed information, please contact your doctor personally.

Infiltration / conduction anesthesia30zł
Small digital X-ray15zł
Panoramic X-ray110zł
Computed tomography medium area 8 * 5 cm230zł
Computed tomography large field 9 * 8 cm350zł
High-resolution endodontic computed tomography 5 * 5 or 4 * 4 cm150zł
SLA /healing 3-6 months/3000zł
SLAActive /healing 4-8 weeks/3700zł
SLAActive BLT /instant/Roxolid/strengthened/4200zł
porcelain metal3080zł
Implant NeoBiotech2500zł
Crown NeoBiotech3100zł
2 SLA implants + 2 Locator latches + complete denture12300zł
4 SLA implants + 4 Locator latches + complete denture21700zł
Implant Straumann SLA3000zł
Locator latch1700zł
Clip-on dentures2900zł
2 implants + 2 latches + complete denture10300zł
4 implants + 4 latches + complete denture17700zł
1 miniimplant + latches + complete denture2500zł
4 miniimplants + 4 latches10000zł
Sinus lift with the closed method /Bio-oss /1200zł
Sinus floor elevation using the open method /Bio-oss + membran /3000zł
Augmentation of the alveolar process /Bio-Oss + membran/1500zł-3000zł
Fluoridation (Admira Protect, Fluor Protector) the entire dentition130zł
Treatment of hypersensitive surfaces / per tooth (Seal&Protect)70zł
Ultrasound removal of dental plaque + tooth polishing220zł
Sealing of grooves / tooth60zł

Preventive kit

(scaling + sandblasting + polishing + fluoridation) the entire dentition



Devitalization under anesthesia 130zł
Root canal treatment under the microscope -1 canal 600zł
Root canal treatment under the microscope -2canals 900zł
Root canal treatment under the microscope – molar 1600zł
Orthodontic consultation 30 min100zł
Printed models220zł
3 shape scan – monitoring/virtual models150zł
Consultation with diagnosis290zł
Treatment plan – discussion 30 min150zł
Fixed metal braces, one arch1900zł
Fixed porcelain braces, one arch2500zł
Fixed crystal braces, one arch3000zł
Follow-up visit one arch180zł
Follow-up visit two arches240zł
Schwartz apparatus800zł
Additional orthodontic element (tube, lock, button)80zł
Orthodontic microimplant600zł
Exposure of an impacted tooth600-800zł
Orthodontic monitoring – scan analysis with visualisation200zł
Temporary dressing130zł
Filling class I loss of the chewing surface240zł
Filling class II, loss of 2 surfaces270zł
Class IV and MOD filling, loss of 3 surfaces330zł
Onlay reconstruction of the entire tooth crown with composite or composite veneer1220zł
Reconstruction of the tooth after root canal treatment with the use of a standard crown-root inlay680zł
Adaptation visit 15 minutes70zł
Preparation and filling with colored Twinky Star filling420zł
Filling a milk tooth with glass ionomer (Fuji VIII) or amalgam200zł
composite made in the office700zł
composite made in the studio1230zł
ceramic individualized e.Max2230zł
individual / single-root tooth/570zł
individual foldable650zł
standard titanium / fiberglass and rebuilding550zł
Temporary crown made in the office170zł
metal-porcelain cad/cam1230zł
porcelain on gold3400zł
crown milling150zł
Premium metal-porcelain2200zł
Premium all-ceramic2870zł
acrylic total1600zł
acrylic partial1400zł
embossed total (elastic)2100zł
Axial latch1230zł
Dolder beam 
1-3 teeth microprosthesis750zł
Repair of veneers in prosthetic work220zł
Dead tooth whitening (internal) / per visit350zł
Household whitening rail / arch450zł
In-office whitening – light accelerator (2 visits included)900zł-1400zł
Surgical advice 200zł
Removal of a milk tooth 150zł
Loose tooth extraction 170zł
Single-root tooth extraction with anesthesia 450zł
Removal of a multi-root tooth 550zł
Surgical removal of a retained or impacted tooth “8” 700zł-900zł
Tooth root resection 600z-900złł
Plastic surgery of the upper lip frenulum, tongue 300zł
Hemisection 350zł
Incision of an abscess with supply 250zł
Excision of the gingival pocket with supplies 200zł
Flap treatment with bone defect supplementation of the first pocket 1100zł
Recession Coverage 1100zł
Half of the dentition curettage 980zł
Bone regeneration with bone blocks from 3000zł
Teeth splinting (cosmetic splint made of glass fibers) 680zł-810zł
A visit with elements of rehabilitation360zł
Diagnostic models220zł
Instrumental analysis of the occlusion in the articulator1800zł
Relaxation splint620zł
Stabilization / reposition splint in organ dysfunctions. chewing1800zł
Instant silicone splint250zł
Occlusal splint correction200zł
Selective occlusion correction180zł
Diagnostic wax-up1900zł-3500zł
Electronic axiography720zł
Gynaecological consultation360zł

* The prices are not the offer prices in art. 66 sec. 1 of the Polish Civil Code

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